Reorganizing, Categorizing Notes

Last week was an odd one.  I blogged about what we were doing in class (PBS series “City of the Century”) with instructional plans.  Then I had to be away from the classroom for 2.5 days.  Sort of threw our plan off, but the object remains: we have collected data – more than planned, making this easier! – and will reorganize it into the following categories:

  • People
  • Ideas
  • Inventions
  • Industry
  • Skyscrapers
  • Environment
  • Settlers/Explorers
  • Food
  • Immigrants
  • Transportation
  • Interesting Facts
  • Gross/Disgusting Facts

Students are to select 4-6 of these topics, then reorganize their notes into each topic.  Ideally, they should have as many as 10 facts for each topic.  Then, we’ll move to mind mapping.

Like building skyscrapers taught us, it is IMPOSSIBLE to draw a mind map without proper organization and planning.  Today and tomorrow we will do just that – reorganize our collected data to make it easier to understand and see.  Therefore, our mind maps will be visually beautiful, creative, easy to read, and organize Chicago’s origins.