Should Class be Fun?

A coach that I enjoy reading, Brian McCormick, blogged on his Youth Coaching site about practicing being fun.  Similarly, this applies to class.  Some people are uncomfortable with class being “too fun.”  It is our responsibility to be sure class is a “controlled” fun, that students are productively learning while having fun.  But this is a direct contradiction to the quiet, controlled classroom that people traditionally associate with productivity.  But how often is that effective?  I’m sure some students learn in that environment, but how many?  Do most?  And why is this environment the one laregely associated with being productive?

We’re lucky at Lakeview to have administrators that are unafraid of a fun classroom.  Room 104 will never be accused of being boring, as we’re often doing activities and learning that isn’t necessarily quiet and traditional.  In many schools, administrators and teachers confuse this with kind of activity with lack of control, which is too bad.  Throughout Lakeview, classrooms up and down the halls are chaotic and busy.  Teachers in this building don’t fit the “quiet, controlled” model.  They take the innovations they’ve learned into their classrooms, try new things, and make this school a fun place.  It’s probably why so many of our students succeed at DGS and other high schools.


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