Mind Mapping Chicago

Mind maps (or word webs) are excellent ways for students to organize terms and information.  Especially when so much of it is being given.  As students are mastering these words, they can organize them into relevant categories.  Through the week, we’ll be mind mapping Chicago.

Understanding Chicago’s origins is a sometimes challenging thing for 12/13 year olds.  It’s filled with great feats, contversey, and the violence and corruption that they all love.  However, everything is new.  They don’t know that Odgen isn’t just a street, but the first Mayor of Chicago.  Or that the Hubbard Street Dance Company takes their name from the street named after one of Chicago’s “founding fathers.”

To organize our new information, we’ll chart it over the next 2 days.  Then we’ll clarify what all of our terms mean, organize them chronologically, do some writing to bring it all together, and then be able to map it all in a creative, beautiful – and easy to understand – fashion.   And much of this information will come from PBS’ excellent series, American Experience, “City of the Century.” It’s by no means comprehensive, but its Chicago origins story is perfect for our 7th graders.

Speaking of Twitter, I picked up a great site, coincidentally, that has some great examples.  It is mindmapart.com, and is student-appropriate and an excellent inspiration, like the one below:

Mind Map 0 Fun


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