Competed Project Photos

This is what I have so far. Since my computer/open office is moving so slow, I’m unable to get it all in… I’m very, very sorry about that. (I’ve sat here for an hour now doing the exact same thing with tech. related crashes. Ahhhh!!!)

Regardless, this is the outstanding student work so far (skip the first 3 blank slides – OO decided to delete the first group of photos I put up):


Olympic Fail

Ouch!  Out in the first round to RIO!  Beautiful city, but not without some problems that make Chicago – or Washington, DC for that  matter – look like a utopia.  My favorite part?  Throwing a party that didn’t happen made for some great juxtaposition in the below photos:

From (Daley Plaza, 9:00 AM):


… to (Daley Plaza, 10:30 AM):


I fully blame the Cubs fans in the above picture.  The IOC had to be scared off by a city that has a team with a 101 year World Series drought!

I will leave up a great picture from earlier today:

Chicago Skyline - Day of 2016 Decision