Chicago Construction Almost Done

Phew!  I’ve just finished e-mailing you all individualized reports on how the groups are doing.  I want to make sure you all are fully aware of what’s going on with each of your children, not just receive a generic report of things.  (If you didn’t get one, let me know!)
  • Of the 32 groups, 9 are done, 3 are pushing it close to the end, and 20 are just about done.
  • Of the 19 individuals doing this, 7 are done as well.  And 4 of them constructed buildings alone!  Another is doing TWO all by herself!
Most impressive… all-in-all, this has been a well done project by the students.  Results coming tomorrow.
I also want to clarify: 6th period students who wish to present (instead of writing a paper) need to let me know so I can let them present early in class.  7th period students need to let me know so I can have them do it during study hall or in the AM Monday.  There will be conflicts because of a band event, and need to give them a chance to present if they’d like.  Most students are writing the 2 paragraphs, but want to clarify a point of confusion for those that may want to present instead.
Here you can see some photos of construction.  I snuck up on groups (as best a 6′ 8″ man can do!) to catch them in the middle of cooperating and working well together.  The product of that is great buildings – I’ll have more “great” buildings in one year than I’ve had in the other 3 years combined.  Well done, students!
Rubrics for 2,3,5,6,7:
4th Period Rubrics: