9/16 Project Checkpoint

I received an e-mail today regarding a student’s concern with finishing the project on time.  Is this happening with more students?  Hopefully, some of this information (as I shared with the concerned party) can help ease some anxious young minds.

  1. We have 5 more work days.  5 days x 40 minutes = 200 minutes.
  2. Final Project is not due until 10/2.  That includes 2 more weekends.
  3. Checkpoints (9/16 & 9/23) and designed to assess progress.  Projects do not have to be done, but just have progress towards completion shown.
  4. Individuals are accountable.  If students do not complete their work, they are penalized in the gradebook, their parents are notified, and placed on the “strike” schedule.  Students who strike out are removed from their group and work alone, with no penalty to their group.

As you can see, we have a good amount of work time remaining.  When we work on Wednesday, I’ll sit with each group, as I have every other work day, and monitor their progress.  I work with the students, so rest assured they’re not doing this alone!

Please e-mail or comment on this post if you have any questions!