Group Plan & Rubrics

Today in class, I distributed the Group Plan to periods 2,3,5,6,7.  Period 4 received their rubrics and directions for a class guide.  You will find them below.

By the end of class on Tuesday, 4th period should have completed 20 notecards that reflect their research and collection of information.  Through these facts and information, they may be able to build a successful scrapbook or skyscraper.

By the end of class on Tuesday, periods 2,3,5,6,7 should have detailed blueprints complete, or nearly complete, as well as their Group Plan which details their schedule, materials, and reasoning for building the skyscraper(s) of their choice.

Update:  Seeing that scribd tends to distort some documents, largely those modified using Open Office, I’ll continue posting the links to PDF documents, as I’ve done in the past.  You can get the rubrics here for 4th Period’s skyscrapers and for their scrapbooks.


3 thoughts on “Group Plan & Rubrics

  1. Saule (Sunny)

    Hi Mr.Little! How was your weekend? I did the blue prints and bought the Styrofoam. Our responsibilities are completed. I told my group that I would get some tiles, but I don’t have the information,like the width of the building and the ratio, (I couldn’t find the width online.) I was thinking about planning the building out and then getting the tiles. Do you agree? Have a wonderful night!

  2. Saule (Sunny)

    P.s.: My group was thinking of doing the 333 North Wacker building, but then I thought that maybe we shouldn’t! I have to talk to my group about the building we are doing!

  3. Mr. Little

    Saule – if it is not to late, yes, begin building. I will be in tomorrow to discuss what you should build.

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