Scavenger Hunt with my Blog

In order for the students to:

1.  Understand how to use my blog


2.  Become more self-reliant when needing to find information (thereby becoming more RESOURCEFUL),

I’ve assigned the students to do a scavenger hunt.  Working with their cooperative learning groups, they divided the following 10 questions and began to find them during class.

  1. What 2 European cities is Mooney riding between?
  2. List 5 Constitution Test Questions.
  3. Find the height of 5 Chicago skyscrapers.
  4. What is my son’s name?
  5. What is your learning style?  Take the Quiz and print the results (in color, if possible).
  6. collect 1 fact from each of the other 7th grade teachers (Mastny, Hayes, Douvris, Wagner/Ziccarelli, Enzbigilis and Payne)
  7. What place did the Boys Soccer team finish in during the 2009 season?
  8. When are JV girls basketball tryouts?
  9. What is Hannah Montana  Singing?
  10. Play a State Capital game.  Print the results.

Each group should have all 10 completed and we will discuss as a class how to become more resourceful tomorrow.  There is no other way to “teach” this other than expecting the students to do this (after being instructed, of course!).  While it may be painful at first, the students will learn how to find what they, and to do so efficiently.

4 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt with my Blog

  1. Caitlin Karsa

    I can’t find the anwers for questions 3 and 10 maybe i can come in the moring . can you help me?

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