Post-Revolution Project

As we end the year, we’ll do so with a fun, independent project.  Students are allowed to select:

  1. Their partner
  2. Their topic
  3. Their guided research question
  4. Their method

We began this project today, when students completed the back side of Post-Revolution Projectworksheet.  The textbook will be the beginnings of this research, but students are invited to use all the methods of good research they’ve learned this year to delve deeper.

This project will be due on Wednesday, May 27th.  Presentations will be allowed, optionally, for 10 points extra credit, followed by an extra credit quiz on Thursday, May 28th, based on those presentations.

The objective of this project is not only to cover some subjects and questions from the early republic period, but also end the year with a fun, productive independent study/work product.

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  1. Mariah, Kelly, and Tess

    Hey Mr. Little, can we show our project in class even though it’s over a minute?

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