American Revolution Test Prep

Once again, I urge students to review the worksheets that we’ve been using as the core of this class.  We’ve studied them, reviewed them, used them for activities, and so on… they should be learned well by now.  You may study them as much as you’d like tonight, but the learning for exams takes place over the course of a unit (the last 5 weeks) and cannot really be crammed into one night of studying.  This is a foolish decision that many have made.
Today in class, we reviewed for this test with a game, and also reviewed our map.  One class didn’t get to it, so here it is!

American Revolution Test Map - Answers

Good luck studying.  Please feel free to ask any questions here.  I’ll be available until 3:45 and after 7:00-ish.


7 thoughts on “American Revolution Test Prep

  1. jana

    hey mr.little i know you told us this in class but what things from our American Revolution map do we have to know.

  2. kaanan

    Mr. little…will we have any quetions on the timeline? Also, are u gonna b here tommorrow(in the morning) if I have any questions?
    Sorry Im asking you very late…..

  3. Mr. Little

    No problem, Kaanan – I hope the musical went well!

    No timeline questions… to confusing and out of order this time. And I will be in during the AM to set somethings up, but likely not around to answer any questions. I’ve got to be at my seminar early!

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