Before the Revolution Test

Tomorrow (Friday, 3/27), we’ll have a test on the events leading up to the Revolution.  This includes the French and Indian War (where the foundation for conflict was laid), the Boston Massacre, the First Continental Congress, and the events and happenings between.  We “end” with the departure of delegates from the FCC and the dramatic begining of the war with conflict in Concord and Lexington.

As advice to the students, they are best to study the following items:

  1. Textbook Chapter 5
  2. Vocab Chart and Vocab Quiz
  3. Cause & Effect work
  4. Notes from in-class presentations
  5. HBO’s John Adams series – including notes/WS.
  6. Activities and discussions from class (letters, lists, songs, limericks, etc.)
  7. Before the Rev Timeline
  8. Before the Rev Map
  9. Ben Franklin’s “Join, or Die” cartoon
  10. Paul Revere’s “Boston Massacre” pamphlet

For the essay, students should select 1 of the following 5 possibilites, writing between 1-3 paragraphs.  Each answer should clearly, with example and fact, answer the student’s selected essay.  Students have been bringing their essay in for preview and correction all week; hopefully your child took advantage of that!  The choices:


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  1. Emily

    hi…i was just wondering what are the 4 intolerable acts and what are the causes and effects that led up to the Revolution… :0) teehee

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