2008-09 Girls Basketball

With our season officially over now, it’s a good time to look back on our season.  I’m proud of my girls.


The nicest part about coaching all the teams in this program, is that we get to see these girls grow up.  Four girls were with us for all 3 years (4 if you count Prarieview), another 6 for 2 years, and 3 were rookies.  This is a great groups of girls, and was a great team.  Our Varsity team is the most competitive of the program, playing 22 games, 2 tournaments, and participates in a single-elimination playoff within the conference.  We finished 12-10 (9-6 in Conference, 1-1 in playoffs, 0-2 in the Westmont tourney, 2-1 in the  March Madness tourney), which is a marked improvement from last year’s 1-9 team.  I’m not sure how many will go on to high school basketball, but most have great promise should they decide to do so.  Thank you, girls, for giving so much of your time, especially during winter break, on half-days and days off school, and for coming in to shoot in the morning.  This team’s identity was probably it’s defense, both half and full court.  Of our 10 losses, all but once came by less than 7 points or so.  We played tough, especially against our best competition (Jefferson, Cass, Lisle).  It’s been a memorable year, and our program will miss you all next year!  The following girls made up the Varsity Team (8th grade and *7th grade):

  • MVP: Stephanie Z.*
  • MIP: Nicole L.
  • Leadership Award: Brittany D.
  • Leadership Award: Jessie B.
  • Best Teammate: Kelly S.
  • Best Teammate: Ahona M.*
  • Hardest Worker: Alex D.
  • Hardest Worker: Taylor M.
  • Most Enthusiastic: Teadora M.
  • Shannon S.*
  • Taylor F.
  • Sara U.
  • Jordan K.

Junior Varsity

One of the things that’s unique about girls basketball is the age in which many girls start.  In our community, many girls don’t start seriously playing ball until 7th grade.  That was the case with many of these girls, and doing so with limited practices and in a short season is a challenging thing to do.  Our JV team serves as an introduction to many players.   In our program, we use the team to develop these players, but do so competitively.  Our girls were 4-6 this year, losing 3 games by less than 6 points.  Our most memorable moment?  The glorious comeback at Eisenhower, led by Amanda T., Lauren B., Ava P., and Jana I.’s buzzer beater!  The following girls are the JV team (7th grade & *6th grade):

  • MVP – Offense: Jana I.
  • MVP – Defense: Lauren B.
  • MIP: Anna F.
  • MIP: Dana K.
  • Best Teammate: Heather W.
  • Most Enthusiastic: Amanda T.*
  • Most Enthusiastic: Deja H.
  • Samantha D.
  • Kim D.
  • Megan V.
  • Jacky J.*
  • Brittney R.
  • Miranda L.
  • Jessica S.
  • Ava P. *

Sunday League

A special thanks goes to these girls.  We started something new here, traveling to Neuqua Valley every Sunday from November – February, playing  2 games vs. travel teams.  For our 6th and 7th grade girls that only get to play 10 games, if lucky, both years, it’s a great chance for them to play and learn more against competition more advanced than intramural or recreational leagues.  This was a mix of 6th and 7th graders – a mix of rookies, JV and Varsity players.  Thanks to their parents that drove them out to NV, paid out of pocket for the experience, and supported us all season.

  • Rebekah O.
  • Rebecca A.
  • Taylor J.
  • Jeanie L.
  • D’nasia R
  • Amanda T.
  • Jacky J.
  • Anna F.
  • Lauren B.
  • Brittney R.
  • Heather W.
  • Ahona M.
  • Shannon S.

Coaches & Managers

Thank you to all the coaches and managers that helped us through the season.  They are:

  • Kellyn M.
  • Chase G.
  • Jason R.
  • Jacky J.
  • Taylor J.
  • Rebecca M.
  • Kelly M.
  • Tess G.
  • Mrs. Linde– coaches our 4th and 5th grade intramurals, and provides a phenomenal experience for our girls and their first experience with basketball.
  • Mrs. Nyhlen– coaches our 6th and 7th grade intramurals, and will coach JV with me next year.
  • Mr. Kukulski– my partner and crime and good friend since our arrival to the district, that has coached every team with me so far.  He works hard to get here right away from his position at Elizabeth Ide, and the girls love having him as a coach.  He’ll be coaching the Varsity with me next year.

And addtionally, thank you to the parents, administrators, and teachers that have supported us all year.  A program is a developmental tool, and one that includes an entire community.  I’m proud that ours is built with such kind people.  Thank you!

My favorite moment of the season? I think it’s watching my 13-month old son, Mason, at the banquet last night.  He’s always been around basketball – born in February, taken to games, open gyms, and plays on his own hoop – and he seems to really like it.  He even recognizes it on TV by pointing and yelling “Baball, ” clapping along when someone scores (sadly, this includes Tar Heels).  Last night, he crawled over with his basketball, sat under the basket, and held it up as high as he can, saying “Baball!” and pointing/looking at the basket.  Can’t walk yet, but my boy is already driving the lane and attacking the rim :)  He gets his looks from his mom, but seems like he and dad share a love for basketball!  A bit old, but provides a good image:


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  1. Ahona

    I will never forget this season. It was the best every and we had a great team! Thanks for everything Mr.Little. Go Spartans!

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