Vocab Quiz

Tomorrow (Thursday, 3/19) will bring our first quiz in quite some time. We’ll quiz our vocab from the “Before the Revolution” unit so far. In order to prepare, students should complete tonight’s homework assignment: write 20 sentences, each one describing how a different vocab word was involved in the Revolution.

Ex: “The Colonists boycotted British tea in protest of the Tea Act, as it unfairly regulated trade in the colonies.”


9 thoughts on “Vocab Quiz

  1. tEss

    i have a question about the essay question name 5 events that led to the american revoulitiondescribing to who contributed it .wont some be the acts,the french and indian war,boston massacre ,lexington and concord,and pontiacs war but how would i describe how they contributed to it

  2. tEss

    and mr little i noticed that this could go on the blog so you can just email my mom what i asked and please please please answer it thank you ohh and thanks for the starbucks card!

  3. tEss

    on the study guide for nuber eight what doees that mean what happened firstviolence at lexington or concord

  4. tEss

    hey mr little on the study guide what does number 8 mean it says What happened first:violence at lexington or corord

  5. Mr. Little

    Tess, I’ve been gone all night, so I’m sorry for not being able to respond more quickly.

    Pontiac’s War: Native American leader Pontiac led a rebellion against the Brits/Colonists to take back their land, the Ohio River Valley.
    Ohio River Valley: Land west of Appalachian Mntns that provided great farmland and a very important transportation link.
    L & C: The Brits went to Concord first, where the American’s weapons were stored; then to Lexington, where they fought again. So Concord was first.

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