What’s in the Stimulus Plan?

As our politicians (and talk radio hosts!) continue to fight over this thing like junior high students, here’s a look-see at where the $800 billion is going.  Ctrl-F is your friend here!  Woodridge is asking for a nice chunk, largely for a new Police Department.  Most of what I saw (a dozen cities or so) is for infrastructure (water mains, roads).

See anything cool?

This is only a part of the plan, though.  Here’s what the House passed last week, though it’s likely to make some changes in the Senate.  For students of the Constitution (all of you!!), where does this mean the bill is currently at?  10 points extra credit to the first 5 correct answers!


9 thoughts on “What’s in the Stimulus Plan?

  1. bella Cherry

    If it’s going to be out in a few weeks, that means it should be towards the end of the process, or at least I’m guessing so.
    So, in my thoughts, the bill is currently being sent to the President for his approval. Once he signs it, it’s copied and distributed. I think…..

    It is NOW, but last week, it was a bit earlier in the process – in committee!

  2. mike

    mr. Little i don’t see the 10points extra cedit, did you finish puting in the grades? I’m sorry but im paranoid because i am sitting on exactly 80%, i want to make sure i pass.


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