28th Amendment?

Students: do you recall the process to amend the US Constitution? Well the 5th Article may become very prominent in the coming months and years: Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold is proposing a new Amendment, and it hits close to home. The new Amendment would prevent Governors (like our dope Blago!) from appointing replacements to the Senate, and would require a direct election by the people to do so. Of course, there’s problems with that, but with NY’s Governor (Patterson) taking his sweet time replacing Clinton, and Blago’s controversy, it’s pretty clear that letting one person select 1 of just 100 Senators seems risky.

What do you think? And can you remember how to Amend the Constitution? First correct comment gets 10 points Extra Credit. The second comment gets 6 points, and everyone thereafter (until 10 people) will get 3 points.


22 thoughts on “28th Amendment?

  1. Kevin Stanuch

    First you have to get two thirds of the house to say yes to even vote on it then three fourths of all states must agree to your amendment.

    Good Kevin – I’ll give you 8 points – you said 2/3 of the house, but it must be 2/3 EACH house of Congress, not just THE House!

  2. joey bernas

    2/3 of the house momst say yes to the constitution
    and then 3/4 of the states have to say to agree to the amendment :-)

    5 points awarded, Joey – see above comment.

  3. First somebody gets an idea and they call there govenor. Then it gets passed to the house of reps, where bill is proposed then it goes to the commiteethen it goes back to the floor. It goes to the senate the senate reads the bill the bill goes to the commitee then senates vote and debate. Bill goes to the president and he could veto the bill or sign it to make it a law. =+)

    Jack – you’re thinking of the “How a Bill Becomes a Law” Process.” This is the AMENDMENT process – Article V!

  4. wes dahle

    one way is that it gets proposed and 2thirds of the house votes on it and then 2 thirds of the state legislatures vote for it, or it can be proposed by a national convention

    2 points awarded – see the various other explanations.

  5. Dan Bennington

    First of all never mind my last comment. I completly agree with Russ Feingold because The people should agree with the govener’s decision. The way to amend the Constitution 1) is proposed by two thirds by both the House and the Senate. The other way to amend the Constitution2) is to have a national conventioncalled by Congress at the request of two thirds of the state legislature. The Second way has never been used.

    Good, Dan – I’ll give 4 points for mentioning both methods, however you missed the big one – 3/4 of the states must agree.

  6. John Stoppelman

    Either two thirds of both houses of congress vote to make an amendment or two thirds of the state legislatures vote to have a convention to propose amendments but would have to be approved by two thirds of the state legislatures. I think it is a good idea.

    So Close – must be approved by 3/4 of states, not 2/3! 2 points awarded.

  7. Kevin C.

    1. An amendment is proposed
    2. The proposed Amendment must pass with two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate
    3. If the amendment passes both the House and the Senate, three-fourths of the states, or 38, must ratify the amendment.

    First perfect answer – 10 points! Attaboy, KC!

  8. Kevin C.

    Oh… and I forgot… I think it would be a good idea because then we wouldn’t have to be in this situation again. It would be fair to the people instead of having one person appoint him or her.

  9. Dana kremer

    to amend the constitution the bill has to go through both houses and must have two-thrids of the votes for it. Then it is sent to the states and it must be voted for by three- forths of the states. I thonk that not all governers are stupid like blago so they might have a good choice. But if they have or are in trouble with the government then they shopuld be aloud to.

    Good Job, Dana – 2nd perfect answer, so 6 points awarded.

  10. Patrick

    First, an amendment must be proposed by Congress. The amendment must be proposed by a two-thirds majority vote in both houses or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures. Since the president isn’t part of the amendment process the proposed amendment skips right by the White House and heads directly towards the Office of the Federal Register (a.k.a. the O.F.R.). The OFR’s job is to publish and process the proposed amendment. The OFR also adds Legislative History Notes. Then, the amendment is proposed to the states. The governors of the states then submit the proposed amendment to their state legislatures. The proposed amendment will become part of the Constitution if three-fourths or 38 states agree to ratify the Constitution. If 38 states agree the amendment is placed into the Constitution and is an official change.

    OFR? Where did you copy this from, Patrick?! No points for you!!

  11. haley

    I think it’s a very controversial topic depending on what your opinions are. So people might think this would be ridiculously unfair yet others think it’s pure genius.
    1. Idea has to be made
    2.Idea goes to Senate/House
    3. If it makes through Senate/ House goes to House/Senate
    4. If it makes through the House and Senate goes to president who can veto or approve
    5. if vetoed and 2/3 of Congress votes against veto, it becomes a law
    i think thats right

    Again – this is the HABBAL process, not A5 of the Constitution!

    But you’re right, Haley – as any political act, this is controversial. Always important to respect the opinions of others.

  12. Patrick

    oops! sorry mr little I didn’t mean to write that, I guess I had a way different topic or something!? once again I’m really sorry

  13. Kaanan

    You have to get two thirds of the house of each house to say yes to vote on it then three fourths of all states must agree to your amendment….am I too late????

  14. ok so first a amendment is suggested. It can either be voted with 2/3s of both the House and Senate OR the Senate can call a Special Convention by again 2/3’s vote and then the states have to vote 3/4s.

    P.S. Do you think that if you convince Rod Blagovitch that we are a school that truely believe him, and then have him come here and then let the media in and throw a pie at his face and take loads of pictures and sell it to the media and get loads of money?? Do you think he would??

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