28th Amendment?

Students: do you recall the process to amend the US Constitution? Well the 5th Article may become very prominent in the coming months and years: Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold is proposing a new Amendment, and it hits close to home. The new Amendment would prevent Governors (like our dope Blago!) from appointing replacements to the Senate, and would require a direct election by the people to do so. Of course, there’s problems with that, but with NY’s Governor (Patterson) taking his sweet time replacing Clinton, and Blago’s controversy, it’s pretty clear that letting one person select 1 of just 100 Senators seems risky.

What do you think? And can you remember how to Amend the Constitution? First correct comment gets 10 points Extra Credit. The second comment gets 6 points, and everyone thereafter (until 10 people) will get 3 points.