Chciago Project: Progress and the Final Steps

So far, we’ve completed (or nearly completed) the following steps:

  1. Identified our project objective.
  2. Identified how we are going to do that (project selection).
  3. Collected (at minimum) 10 resources from which we will gather our information.
  4. Created (at minimum) 20 notecards that identify the facts from which we will build our product (that answers our question).

The next steps begin the construction of our product, the “thing” that will show what we’ve learned. Remember to always keep your “big question” in mind. It should drive all of your work.
Some of the below dates are changes, so notice the ALL CAPS or bold type.

  1. The Rough Draft is due at the end of class on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12. Examples of what a rough draft is are on my board, and have been handed out to students. They’re also listed below.
  2. Students may bring materials to build their product in class next week, but remember, time is limited. And another reminder regarding banned items: hot glue guns, spraypaint, styrofoam, and glitter.
  3. FINAL PROJECTS will be due on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18. They may be turned in earlier, if needed.

Remember: rough Drafts are due at the end of class on Friday. These are the expectations for each.

  1. Building a Skyscraper: You’ll need to “sketch” the poster on paper, drawing each side and piece of the building. You should include all measurements, as this will be the starting point for your building. Without blueprints, you cannot build. Every height, length, width, etc. must be measured and listed. Don’t forget – use that 1:585 scale (divide the real measurement by 585 to get the model size). Finally, list the materials and components you’ll need to build.
  2. Photo Album/Scrapbook or Play/Skit/Video: You’ll need to write up a page-by-page (or frame-by-frame, slide-by-slide, or scene-by-scene) list of what you’re doing. This can be a script of sorts, but you need to plan out exactly what you’re doing before you do it.
  3. 3D Poster/Map: Please sketch out what you’re doing, layout what you’re project will look like. If you need to label anything or create a legend, do that now. Finally, list the materials and components you’ll need to build.
  4. Newspaper Article/Research Paper: Outline what you’re going to write. You may use a graphic organize, instead. Whatever the method, you must have at least 3main ideas (for your 3 body paragraphs), and support each of them with facts. Also, write your entire introduction paragraph.

Rubrics for each project can be found here:

3D Poster/Map Rubric

Building a Skyscraper Rubric

Video/Slide Show/Skit/Play Rubric

Newspaper or Research Paper Rubric

Scrapbook/Photo Album Rubric


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  1. MR. LITTLE!!!!! So I was doing my math home work enjoying my bus ride I now limitidly get,when my pensil bag fell WITH MY NOTE CARDS IN IT AND THERE NOW GONE LEFT ON THE BUS WICH IS LONG GONE NOW AND I DON’T WHAT TO DO!!!
    See I only had 17 note cards and like 12 of them only had the subject on them and i was planning on finishing them to night because its gunna take like 2 hours to finish them and now there on the BUS wich means im gunna get a late wich stinks because Im not into the whole late thing and neither are my parents soo ya just letting you know I won’t have them Tomarow. Which did I say stinks! Soo ya if you have a-any suggjestions please let me Know. Thanks. Hopefully There in the bus lost and found when I get on the bus tomarrow. *:(

    P.S Sorry for my grammar ms. Benson would kill me if she saw this.

  2. kaanan :p

    Mr. Little I was looking up zoos for recreational activities in Chicago (im doing a scrapbook) and I was wondering if a zoo (Brookfield zoo) is in a Chicago suburb-does it count or not? Pleez let me kno b4 monday so i can work w/ my group and let them kno 2.

    Thank sooo much. :]

  3. Mr. Little

    Yes, Kaanan. Technically, the zoo is run by the Chicago Zoological Association. It works! If you want another, select the Lincoln Park Zoo, or maybe even look into the Chicago Botanical Gardens. The Garfield Park Conservatory is also beautiful!

  4. Ahona

    Mr. Little, just wondering, but when will we know our grades for the chicago project? I checked my grades online and there was nothing yet so yea, just wondering.


    p.s. surprisingly im not sore from practice today. Thank you very much for the pizza. Oh yea, and in the future I will try not to get burned as much! ~its a start to the whole confidence thing, right? =D

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