Constitution Wrap-up and Retakes

Hi Parents,

First, job well done on the tests.  This is the grade breakdown is as follows (I love stats, even though some are useless):

  • Class Average = 84% (previous avgs: 92% in 07-08, 89% in 06-07, too easy in 05-06! )
  • 5 students with a 99% (just one wrong, though the 5 missed 4 different problems).
  • Of nearly 150 students: 40% scored an A, 25% scored a B, 25% scored a C, and 5% each scored a D or an F.
  • Pre-lunch classes averaged an 86%.  Post-lunch classes an 82%.  (Also – 71% of the D’s and F’s came from a post-lunch class)

ANY student will be allowed a retake.  We will do so on Wednesday, December 3rd.  Please meet in my classroom at 7:00 am.  All scores will be averaged with the 1st (62% + 90% = 76% final grade).  Please let Mr. Little know if you plan to retake the test in class on 12/1 and 12/2.  And yes – all grades are averaged, even if you do worse.


3 thoughts on “Constitution Wrap-up and Retakes

  1. kim

    omg.. mr little i swear my sister and her friends are a bunch of elephants!
    their soo loudd!
    now i realize why its so quiet at home without herr.. makes me give thanks that shes at college!

  2. Kim

    MR LITTLE! I MET JUDY BIGGERT on thursday with the rents.. i had to go to a boring partyy with themm but it was still fun.. but since my dad is on the board for the dupage housing thingyy i had to go to the dinner.. so yeahh and btw.. you should listen to a song called video girl by JB!

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