Mr. Little is back ONline!

Ask away.  I’m back.

I’ll also be available tomorrow morning to answer your questions.


17 thoughts on “Mr. Little is back ONline!

  1. emily slayden

    mr.little my dad said that you dont have to be born in the u.s.a. to run for president whos right you or him.?

  2. emily slayden

    mr.little my dad said thhat you dont have to be a natural born citizen to run for president whos right you or him.?

  3. Mr. Little

    Emily – break it to your dad… he’s wrong! It doesn’t happen often, and he’ll always be right, just not this time. Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution says the Prez must be a natural-born citizen.

  4. Haley

    Personally mr. little I think that you should get an AIM screen name so students can easily communicate with you. It would be easier than just answering questions on your blog although others peoples questions sometimes are helpful.

  5. Ahona

    hey mr.little,

    Well I just wanted to say I can’t believe Bush granted 14 pardons!!!!! Is that alot or normal? Well just wondering…Also, I had another question about one question on the Constitution test, but I won’t be able to check back here tonight, so I’ll just ask you during class tomorrow. Thanks! :D

    peace out

  6. Tess

    Hey mr little im just bored and its a free day so i just want to say hi and i might nott be able to come to bball today respond sone bye

  7. Dan Bennington

    Mr. little I am bored. So I looked at the trailers. Much better than the trailers from twilight also was there any homework?

  8. emily slayden

    Jus soli, and Jus sanguinis.
    if a person was bron on a military base, which is technically not in america, then they can still be president. check mccain.
    i’m not (or i don’t think i am) the same emily slayden from before, but i can’t have you putting down someoine with my name. es solidarity.

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