Constitution Test Sampler

Study Guide/Test Sampler — Enjoy! :)

If you find yourself lost more often than not, you may want to spend more time studying.  These questions may or may not be on the test… I advise you to know them all.  You’ll feel very foolish if you let this opportunity pass.  *wink wink*


21 thoughts on “Constitution Test Sampler

  1. Tess

    Hey mr little i was wondering and i looked through all my notes and every sheet of paper i have and cannot find out what president-elect means thank you so much

  2. Tess

    Sorry about all the questions i just want to get them right on the test i was wondering what bicameral means again sorry

  3. Mr. Little

    No problem, Tess. President-Elect is the newly elected, yet powerless President before he is inaugurated.

    Alex – Nothing is homework. The “Sampler” is due on Friday, but it really should be done before then.

  4. Someone

    ey mr little after the 2 hours of sutdy looking for the ansers and i dont have a book i can not find out what the specific powers of the president is please post the answer on this page thanks plaese please do thos asap thanks

  5. Kaanan

    Mr. Little, I don’t understand what elastic clause is when i was going over the “constitution test sampler”…………….
    Thanx :)

  6. Kaanan

    So there is only 3 articles, foundations of gov,and Preamble stuff on the test( or is there more)?
    ~Please let me know ASAP

  7. Kellyn

    welllll i am nervous about the test and am going to study some more. I hope it isn’t as bad as everybody says it is(as in current 8th graders) augh!!

    if i die tomorrow, please come to my funeral.

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