Constitution Test & Details

The Constitution Test has been moved to 11/24 & 11/25. If any student will be gone on one of those days, just let me know in advance. Students can take it on Friday, 11/21 at 7:00 am, or at another date when they return.

For the details of the Test, this is how it’s shaping up (total 100 Questions):

  • 20 Questions are from the Foundations of Gov’t/Articles/Principles/Preamble Goals Unit.
  • 20 are from Article 1
  • 20 are from Article 2
  • 5 are from Article 3
  • 5 are from Articles 4-7
  • 10 are over “Checks and Balances”
  • 5 are over “How a Bill Becomes a Law”
  • 5 are over “Citizenship”
  • 10 are over the Bill of Rights

All Questions are multiple choice, fill in the blank, or matching. I distributed a study guide to students on Monday (Study Guide, Final Edition), and I asked them to start making notecards in class, write stories, and/or just answer the questions. The next 8 days are jammed-packed, and here’s a quick breakdown of how it’s going to go:

  • Wednesday – Judicial Branch and Judicial Review
  • Thursday/Friday – How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • Next Monday – Checks and Balances
  • Next Tuesday/Wednesday – Bill of Rights
  • Next Thursday – Citizenship
  • Next Friday – Open Note Quiz/Review Day

As usual, I am available via this blog, through e-mail (, and in my classroom (mornings and study hall). I understand that sometimes I may be out of my room in the AM, but sometimes I’m needed elsewhere or have a copy to run off. Be patient, and come back. If you absolutely positively MUST talk to me, come get a pass to ensure you’re spot in my room. However, I’ll make the extra effort to limit distrations and be in my room the next 8-10 days!

And finally, for those of you “freaking out:” relax! You’ve got 12 days now, so study your old quizzes, make notecards, use the study guide, make songs, watch videos – do whatever you enjoy and helps you learn for next 2 weeks. 30 minutes a night is good. Next weekend, you might want to kick that up a bit, of course. Get with a friend, have a sleepover to study, ask an adult or older sibling for help… do whatever you can to help.

Smile, kiddos! In 2 weeks, you’ll be thinking about Turkey and how happy you are to have done well on the Constitution Test.

Oh – and the Article 3 Notes from Wednesday:


18 thoughts on “Constitution Test & Details

  1. haley

    so mr. little when am i gonna get that headband?
    and i was wondering if you were gonna put the picture of me and kelly up?
    – short arms

  2. JoMo

    what is the judcial branch responsible for mr. little…………………………………………………………………………………….? and hi:) plz tell me

  3. Mr. Little

    Davids – sorry for such a slow response. A mandate is the power a President gets from the size of his victory. We reviewed that Tuesday in class, of course.

    Paul – the idea is that a republic isn’t necessarily better, but more efficient. Remember our discussions of how difficult it would be to get 300 mil to vote on issues so often? A republic puts people in power (Reps/Senators) to do that for us. And yes, it’s almost all M.C.

    JoMo – the Judicial Branch is resp. for reviewing and interpreting our nations laws (judicial review).

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