Decision ’08 Presidential Results

Are you getting excited yet?

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29 thoughts on “Decision ’08 Presidential Results

  1. Ahona

    EXCITED!?!? IM JUMPING UP AND DOWN. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I went to the polling place with my grandpa and helped him vote. it was awesome, but that was the paper ballot so later I’m going with my mom and try the electronic one! I got ALOT of the “I voted stickers” too. Well I gotta go so PEACE OUT!! GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!

  2. Esabelle

    Today, i went w/ my mum to go vote. The people there were almost shouting at each other in the waiting room, arguing about who will win, who won’t, etc. I thought it was kinda funny though, b/c they had to listen to a thirteen-year-old (me) explain the concept of indirect voting. lol
    oh well
    This is gonna be a close call…….. CANT WAIT!

  3. Ahona

    Dear (=,(who r u?!?! sry just wondering)

    we do the packet at school tomorrow…he said we can check them as we go, but we will do the packet in class tomorrow….

    I’m watching CNN rite now and the widget thingy on the blog and checking each state just to make sure…but dont worry, i wont change my answers!!! Not to show sides or anything but obama is winning 102 to 49!! yay!! :) gtg watch some more. peace out!

  4. Ahona


    i was wondering how much Regan won by too, so check this out. its the map….

    i know wow! thats insane.

    peace out!

  5. Mr. Little

    Ahona – nicely done, again. There were a few earlier elections that were “closer,” but Reagans is certainly one of the most impressive, as it included the current “full” allotment of 538 electors.

    Pat – the closest race is a bit more confusing. Technically, the race of 1824 was, as neither candidate received enough EV’s to win, so the House had to break the “tie.” A few other were close in the Electoral College, with the closest win being Bush’s in 2000 (272 EV to 266). The closest by popular vote was President Garfield, who won by .02% of the vote. Don’t forget the 3 other Presidents that won by getting FEWER votes than the runner-up, too.

    Ahona – Gov Blagojevich will appoint that person in the next 6 weeks to serve the remainder of Obama’s term (thru 2010). There’s lots of people being discussed, and nobody has any idea who it will be. Lots of factors go into the choice, but it will almost certainly be a Democrat, Blago’s party. Obama would prefer Valerie Jarrett, a woman that works for him now. Blago has never said who he likes, though people like Lisa Madigan (State Atny General), Jessie Jackson Jr (State Rep), and Tammy Duckworth (lost her race in ’06, but Veteran of the Iraq War that’s a double amputee – both of her legs have been removed!). Who it will be – I have no idea. Maybe Mr. Safranski? :)

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