Friday’s Quiz

A few students have expressed concern or confusion over tomorrow’s quiz. Here’s the info:

  • All over Article 2.
  • It’s all in your notes. Everything. Every single question.
  • It’s 15 Questions, all “Fill-in-the-Blank.”
  • Check back here tomorrow. (wink*wink)

Here’s your “preview:”

  1. How many Representatives are in the House of Representatives?
  2. How old must a President/Vice President be?
  3. Name a Department in the President’s cabinet..
  4. And another!
  5. True/False: the President commands the military.
  6. True/False: the President must be born in America to run for President
  7. True/False: the President can declare war.
  8. How many TOTAL Electoral Votes are there?
  9. True/False: A President can lose the popular vote (get fewer votes) and still be elected.
  10. Who “represents all people?”
  11. What is a pardon (or a reprieve)?
  12. How long is a President’s term?
  13. How many terms may a President serve?
  14. Who is next in line if the President and VP die?
  15. What is the power that allows a president to make a declaration, decree or law? (“with great power comes great responsibility!”)

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Quiz

  1. Kaanan

    What is the power that allows a president to make a declaration, decree or law?
    I don’t really know the answer to this

  2. Mr. Little

    Hi Kaanan – This is the “Executive Order.” I’m sorry for not getting to you but 5 minutes later!

  3. dannniii!

    mr little,
    my question has to do with the project packet.
    (on the summary page)
    i’m not exactly sure what you mean when you ask,
    what “region” or block of states is the most crucial.

    ps! i am going with my mom to vote:D
    i shall get a sticker and i shall get extra credit points! hehe.

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