Election Time in My Classroom

From 10/29 – 11/5 (and hopefully not any longer!), we’ll be 100% focused on the 2008 Election. The Constitution Unit has been very lively with this Election on the horizon, so now we’re spending time discussing what issues matter and what it takes to win. Here’s a breakdown of what we’re doing:

  1. Wednesday we focused on finding what the candidates stand for, in their own words. Hopefully we learn to be informed voters and base decisions on candidates that reflect our beliefs.
  2. Thursday, we vote! Through the Youth Leadership Initiative at the University of Virginia (as is 6th Grade), we’ll cast an online vote.   (Winners: Barack Obama (63%), Dick Durbin (68%), Judy Biggert (69%)!)
  3. Thursday and Friday, we’ll begin a project that predicts who will win the Electoral College. We’ll use polls and history to make these decisions.  Electoral College Prediction Worksheet (Click Me!)
  4. Monday will be an Election preview, including discussing the differences between Republicans and Democrats, what the Popular Vote means in the Presidential Race, what may happen in the Senate, and races that matter to Illinois.
  5. Tuesday’s an off day, but students will be checking their predictions this night, as well as getting extra credit for going with an adult to the polls to see what it’s like and partake in the excitement.
  6. Wednesday is Election wrap-up day. Some will be celebrating/gloating, others will be bummed/preparing for world destruction because “the other guy” won. We’ll find a happy medium and try to bring some sense to what happened, both Nationally and Locally.

In the next 2 days, I’ll update this post with copies of the worksheets. Look for them soon!


20 thoughts on “Election Time in My Classroom

  1. Kaanan

    What is the power that allows a president to make a declaration, decree or law?
    I don’t know the answer………………………….

  2. Kellyn

    i am working on my prediction sheet, and i don’t know what to put for blowout states and the most important region, because i don’t understand what those are. HELP!

  3. Mr. Little

    Kellyn – A “blowout” is going to be a state that McCain or Obama win by 15% or more, the states like California, Utah, or Illinois. As for the most important region, we’re looking for the Midwest, Acalea, Great West… the collection of states that YOU think are the most interesting or important.

  4. Kaanan

    Im doing my prediction sheet and “m confused on the part where it says”Which states are going to be the closest?”…………..what does it mean?
    ~Kaanan :)

  5. Ahona

    If we did the CNN Electoral Map Calculator are we aloud to print that out instead of coloring all the states on the sheet?

  6. Kaanan

    “what could possibly change all of this….?”-this is a question u gave us and i don’t understand what ur asking us.

  7. Ahona

    hey kaanan, i think it means like what last minute things could change it. idk, i put like last minute campaigning and stuff, would that be rite, mr.little?

  8. Kellyn

    popular vote is which president gets more votes from the PEOPLE, not the electoral college. so if 500 people are voting, and Obama get 417 votes and jonh mccain gets 36 and a libertarian gets 47 votes, Obama wins the popular vote.

  9. When is our project due because Kim D. says tomarow but Johanna J. says wednesday. Well I guess I’ll do it tonight to be safe but I’m just wondering.

  10. Mr. Little

    HI kids – Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I was out of town this weekend. However, very cool to see you helping each other out (Kellyn and Ahona are both correct in their responses). Thanks for that!

    Projects are due MONDAY, 11/5. That’s tomorrow. The very back page (“After the Election:”) isn’t due until Wednesday, for obvious reasons!

    Ahona – YES, you can just print that page off.

    Asdd – I don’t know what you’re asking. I’m sorry.

    Kaanan – I’m asking which states you think will be very close to call (1 or 2 % difference).

  11. Ahona

    Thanks mr.little, but i just realized that the page is an application, so you can’t print it, but don’t worry, i colored! Hope you had a fun weekend! :D

  12. Ahona there was a coloring sheet to show wich states they won because on the sheet it says what states they won and then we like write them down and stuff? IDK so confused. Well thanks for the info guys.

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  14. Kellyn

    OMG(Oh My Gorillas) this election is taking sooooooo long!! I wish i was in Back To The Future so i would have a time machine (DeLorean,baby!!) and see who wins. BTW…eww Mason vomited at the polling place (not my Mason, he was at school, and I am too cool for school, so I didn’t show up 8-) ) {:

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