Preview of Notes – Article 2

Hey children,

I’ve finished our Notes on Article 2, so here they are.  Expect a quiz late next week or early next week.  And no, you don’t have to write it all down!

11 thoughts on “Preview of Notes – Article 2

  1. Paul

    on the line of succesion continued what dose the words at the bottem say the ones that looks like lines and scribbles

  2. Christina Simirica

    aylo my mom yelled at me for my grades

    few questionss

    1. what was Three Illustrations.?

    2. can i still turn in Top 10 List.?


    3.Page 144; 1-4 << was that WTP or TXT book.?

  3. Mr. Little

    Gummi Bear – There are 538 total electoral votes. 435 House Reps + 100 Senate Seats (+ 3 extra for DC!) = 538.

    Christina – There are 15 questions on the Quiz. Check back tomorrow night…
    ALSO: You’re class did not due the 3 Illustrations (hence the “X”) in the gradebook. Yes you may still turn in the Top 10, and the page 144 work is in the We The People book.

    Paul – I’ll check the slides and post back later. I believe it’s probably a description of the picture (JFK before the assassination) or a list of the Presidents that died in office (8 total).

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