Notes from Class – 10/9 – 10/17

Here’s a bump of our class notes that we re-started today.

This will be on a quiz next Friday, 10/17.


13 thoughts on “Notes from Class – 10/9 – 10/17

  1. Kaanan

    I was wondering if you could put the things that we need in our binder so I can orginize it for the binder check

    THANKS :)

  2. I Am Totally Awesomee

    I’m with Kaanan! It would be really helpful to have everything for the binder check on the blog!
    I think that in class tom. you should let the kids know that if they don’t take good notes they can print the slides with an easy right click for neat notes!

  3. Paul

    and I also forgot to mention, do we have to have all the notes?and also,my mom that there are to much notes and wants you to use less?I agree with her to for once.

  4. jakebig13

    Paul – I’m flattered you’re going to be me for halloween! And yes, you have to do all the notes. 15 slides divided over 6 or 7 class periods is not bad. Considering it covers half the Constitution, it’s not that bad at all. Learning to take notes is one of the most important tasks of a middle school social studies student. Embrace it! :)

    Kanaan & Totally Awesome – Binder check info is coming shortly…

    Dawn – Look for a “study guide” on the blog tomorrow. And again – we began these notes almost 2 weeks ago. It’s not that bad :)

    Private – yes, of course.

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  7. Mr. Little

    Paul – I need to see pictures of you/me!

    Also, the “right click print” idea only works when you do it page-by-page Very long, but it’s the only way to do it.

  8. A person who doesnt feel like saying their name..

    Okay so if paul is being u, than u should b him but u guys dont look anything alike!! I dont get it! Who/what r u being for the hallows eve mister J littee

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