Homework – 10/8

We’re catching up in Mr. Little’s room: 2 assignments are due tomorrow.
1.  “We the People” page 136, questions 1-5
2.  Textbook page 257, questions 3-6


17 thoughts on “Homework – 10/8

  1. Patrycia

    Aye Mista Little i forgot my permission slip and i was thinking if it was okay if my madre just wrote a note? i just don’t know how much money it is. i think i just might bring $20. k, thanks.

  2. jakebig13

    Patrycia: Bring the $30, and a “note” from mom. We’ll get you a new permission slip but we need it on Tuesday. No later.

    Christina: Tuesday is fine.

  3. Haleyy the Aweeessomeee

    I already told you but I’m not sure what to do. I am allergic to Girodano’s cheese for some god awful reason and I can’t have it. In class you told me that’s fine, and you would tell the teachers and get me a pasta instead of pizza. Thats fine with me!! I just want to know if you can let the person who need to know, well know!(p.s. I can eat everything else w/o problems!) Can you let me know when you work this out?

  4. jakebig13

    Haley – No problem, I’ll let you know as soon as I talk to someone there. With a long weekend, I may not hear from anyone there until Tues/Weds.

  5. Kaanan

    Hey Mr. Little, i kno u told me that u would put the things 4 our binder check and i sorta want to do it by Friday so can u put it up?

    Srry 4 askning this soooooooooooooo many times but i REALLY need to organize it !!!!!!!!!!


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