It’s 4:36 and there are already 115 page views.  I’m assuming that lots of you are checking out the blog, so I’ll reward you:  if want 10 points extra credit, watch part of the debate tonight (8:00 pm, virtually any news channel, ch. 2, ch. 5, ch. 7, etc.).  You need to write 2 things (6-8 sentences, minimum):

  1. What idea/policy that was discussed (by Obama or McCain) are you most interested in?  Even if you’re not an Obama or McCain supporter – which one were you MOST interested in?
  2. Support why you think so with a few sentences.  Not what mom and dad (or brother or sister, or your friends) think, but why do YOU think that this idea/policy is so important, so interesting.  Do you want more information?  What do you want to know?

Keep this positive, and keep them your OWN thoughts!

Write/type your paragraph (6-8 sentences) and turn it in with your quiz tomorrow.  Do it secretly, if you want! Or – post a comment below that fits the criteria listed above!  I understand that some may have a need for privacy, so a paper copy is fine if you’d like.


16 thoughts on “Want some EXTRA CREDIT?

  1. jakebig13

    Popular Sovereignty is simply the “idea” that the people control the government, that the people give it power. We’ll talk about it more as the Const. unit develops, but just memorize the idea that the people give the gov’t power, for now.

  2. meaghan

    Mr. Little I did the extra credit listed above and i was wondering could we turn it in to you before the test or not? if you don’t get to telling me by 5th period thats fine too bii

    ( p.s, in fifth period you asked us if you were scary and you are scary when you look straight down at us and it hurts my neck, Paige thinks so too)

  3. lisa

    What if you were one of the 115 students who checked the blog prior to 4:36?? Are you just out of luck, or could you turn in a paragraph at a later time?

  4. jakebig13

    Lisa –

    If you want to do it, go right ahead and bring it in by Friday! Just be sure it applies to an issue brought up in the debate.

  5. katrina

    hi i don’t get when the extra credit was due? and was the quiz on all the articles?by the way sry about the sunday leauge and basketball tryiouts i can’t do it i have mad tennis and memory bridge

    thx teeh teeh

  6. jakebig13

    Katrina! Our test date is listed on your study guide. And don’t sweat not doing basketball – its tough to do everything!

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