Quiz Wednesday – 10/8

This Wednesday will be our next Constitution Quiz covering the Preamble goals, articles of the Constitution, and principles of the Constitution.  We’ve covered these on many levels – independent student reading and homework, notes in class, class discussions and activities, a “pop quiz” that acts as a study guide, and a review game.  That’s quite a bit of work (over nearly 2 weeks of class) covering just 20 points to know, but this is the frame which our Constitution is laid upon.  Very important stuff to know; failure to memorize, master it will make it very difficult to study the rest of the Constitution over the next 6 weeks.  We’ll review study guides in class tomorrow – Tuesday 10/7 – and I’ll answer any questions students have.

Which Goal of the Preamble do you think matches each of these statements?

1.      A Mexican-American hoping to gain equal rights and good job. 

2.      States giving up a law they would like passed to achieve unity.

3.      The military executing an attack on a foreign enemy who has attacked us.

4.      Somebody steals your car.  The cops catch him, arrest him, and put him in jail.

5.      The government creating a food pyramid to educate us about healthy foods.

6.      Peace in your community and neighborhood.

Define the following Principles of the Constitution:

1.      Separation of Powers:

2.      Checks and Balances: 

3.      Popular Sovereignty: 

4.      Federalism:

5.      Limited Government:

6.      Individual Rights:

7.      Republic:

What does each Article of the Constitution cover?









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