November 4th is Coming

With elections coming up in just 48 days, here’s some information parents should find useful. Students, make note of this and let your Moms, Dads, and other adults know where to look if they need information about how to vote.

Voter Registration – Mrs. Snodgrass can also register you – feel free to make an appointment with her!

Early Voting Information/Locations – Remember: your vote is FINAL. Only vote early if you have a conflict on voting day, or if you are 100% certain of your candidate. Don’t vote in knee-jerk response to an issue. As someone who has done that – it’s not always wise :(

Candidate Information – who is running, what positions are available, and so on.

Absentee Vote – whether in person or by mail, click here for all information. Especially important for our big brothers/sisters who are away at college in another state (say, Minnesota), family in the military, or family that cannot leave their home for any reason.

Some sample choice we have to vote for on November 4th:


US Senator

US Representative (13th District)

IL State Representative (various districts)

IL State Senator (various districts)

County Recorder

County Clerk

Constitutional Convention – Appears on the state-wide ballot every 20 years.


4 thoughts on “November 4th is Coming

  1. haley

    I’m really interested in this election but I hate politics. I don’t no who i want to win. It’s all so confusing. It’s interesting to learn about the candidates though.

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