Homework Clarification for 9/15

I gave a homework assignment to my first 5 classes today, but I’ve just canceled it, and they may not hear the PA announcement declaring just that.  I have only 45 copies of this supplemental text we use, and far more than 45 students need to borrow a book to complete the work at home.  Therefore, it’s unreasonable to expect the students to finish, so I’ll allow them to finish tomorrow in class.

I’m very sorry if there’s confusion, but canceling the assignment is the fair thing to do.  I’m sure they’ll be all broken up about, so please help your children through this trying time.


One thought on “Homework Clarification for 9/15

  1. Ursula Pahlow

    Just to mention for those who are already studying German, or for those who will be learning the German language eventually.
    The recent Simpson episode lesson, titled “Das Bus”, should correctly be written and pronounced “Der Bus”.

    Thank you.

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