American Map Geography Practice Games

We’ve got a quiz coming on Friday (September 5th) in all classes. You’ll need to know just the 50 states and their locations, spelling included. Get to work, kiddos!

The Most Popular (amongst parents, too): Name all 50 states as fast as you can.

Accurately place the state capitals in their correct locations.

This is another version of Game #2, dragging states into their correct places. A very tough one, but gets easier when you’ve placed 10 states or so.

The simplest of state ID games, but annoying as states are sloppily drawn, making identification sometimes unfair and inaccurate.

This is by National Geographic, and you can test your knowledge of all countries, continents and states/provinces throughout the world. Might be tougher on slooooow computers.

Another great game – you need to draw each state, identify it, and name its capital. Lots of different learners should like it – and learn from it!

Finally, a completely new game that not only requires identification of a state, but also asks you to type in the capital name, too.

And if you’re not having an easy time thinking “you can do it,” check out this kid. Many of you lose any valid excuse when a kid can’t even dress himself knows all his states and capitals. We’ll do capitals later, but the example stills stands. And he even eats while doing it! He must be Food Smart!