What Kind of Learner are You?

Thursday we will identify the kind of “learners” that we are. Students will get to take two quizzes to discover the ways they best learn and interact with others. To show what we learned, students will be making a “Student Inventory Sheet (SIS),” which will contain this information. Students will recieve more information about the actual sheet Thursday.

Understanding the way we learn is crucial. It helps us feel comfortable and succeed in school by choosing the appropriate partners, projects and study habits. Later, this knowledge becomes an important factor in deciding our careers and friendships. Starting to identify ourselves now has been very helpful to students, not to mention a little fun. This is the metric we measure our learning uniqueness by:

Learning Styles: This uses the Mulitple Intelligences theory, identifying the 8 major “kinds of smart” that students are. Students find out what their areas of strength are, as well as weaknesses. This has been the most interesting so far.

Personality Types: Students find out which of the 4 Personality “types” they have. This is important to teaching them the basic idea that we’re all different, therefore we act differently. When we work in groups, people are encouraged to understand that some partners may share differences, but also learn that those can be worked around to acheive success. Students will be recieving more information on their personality temperament on Friday. (Just a note – this quiz requires an e-mail. If you’d rather not submit it, then use a “dummy” address, however I’ve never recieve a thing from Keirsey in 2 years.)

More on both these learning styles will come later this week.

Update: Here is a sample of what students should be printing off.

Test Results Sample!: Be sure to click the blue “print” button, not the browser print function. Oh – and right down the code in the lower right hand corner!

And finally – the worksheets from class today:Student Inventory Sheet (SIS) and Description of the Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences