Project Progress

With one week from our due date (Friday, May 30) and 160 minutes of class time remaining, let’s talk about some things that will help us complete these projects as efficiently as possible:

1. Have we all broken into smaller groups of 2 or 3 and taken responsibility for at least 1 building? This has proven very effective in the 3 or 4 classes that have implemented this strategy, so we’re all going to. (in hindsight, this might have been a good way to start!)

2. Exchange phone numbers, sn’s, e-mails whatever – get together this weekend for a couple hours and work together. Not alone, together!

3. Bring materials home if you need to. I’ll do all the cutting for you, as usual, but feel free to bring anything home if you’d like to.

4. Backgrounds and Layouts should be complete by end of class Friday.

5. Each building’s green “profile sheet” should be in the hands of that group, complete with correct pictures, correct measurements, and correct blueprints/designs.


One thought on “Project Progress

  1. Ashley Fisher

    The project you have the students working on is very interesting. I really like the way you update the information for your students. I plan to use this same skyscraper project for my class.

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