Project Updates

Well, so far, so… so. Mixed progess throughout the classes. Some are doing fantastic (5th Period!), some need a complete restructuring, as will happen tomorrow. I want to make sure a few points are clear as we have 9 days left to work:

1. The final due Date is now Friday, May 30th. I gave an extra day because I’m nice :)
2. We need to talk nicely to each other. I know we get frustrated with the work habits or ideas of our peers, but we all need to be polite. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar, so try it. Kill ’em with kindness!
3. Each class’ cityscape should have a maximum of 3 items purchased. For example, trees, cars, or boats. I don’t expect you all to make the boats, so you may buy them. But only 3. Otherwise, scale is thrown off and your parents spend too much money.
4. Each student can now earn 10 points per day based on behavior and productivity. Unproductive students lose points. I started doing that today, so look at the gradebook daily to see what your child did in class.
5. Measure twice, cut once. Heck, measure 3 times and cut once!
6. Please, please, please – no knives or anything sharp. You can’t bring them to school, and will get in trouble if you do.
7. Each class should build at least 10 buildings (except 6th period – they should do 7-8). The more the merrier, of course.