Constitution Test Part 2 – Study This:

Tomorrow’s final portion of the test will be 50 questions, covering these topics:

*Bill of Rights
*Amendment Process
*How a Bill Becomes a Law
*Judicial Branch
*Checks and Balances

And, some sample questions:
1. How many Amendments have actually been ratified?
2. At events like the State of the Union, the (blank) is the person who is hidden away in the event of an emergency.
Designated Survivor
3. Who is the leader of the Supreme Court?
Chief Justice
4. Is it possible to win the Presidency without actually getting the most votes?
5. In a Presidential Election, who breaks a tie?
House of Representatives
6. What kind of representation reflects the New Jersey Plan, giving power to the smaller states?
Equal Representation
7. What was the name of the “solution” to the slave population problem during the Constitutional Convention?
3/5ths Compromise
8. True/False: it is illegal to burn a flag.
9. How did the British Influence our Constitution?
Making sure ALL people follow laws.
10. The most prestigious chamber of Congress is led by the (blank) ?
Vice President (President Pro Tempore is 2nd, but usually leads b/c the VP has other things to do)