Constitution Sample Questions

Here’s your first bunch of questions. See if you can get the answers. We’ll discuss during our morning study session on Tuesday.

Have a lovely day :)

1. What is a “State of Nature?”
2. What is it called when somebody “gives permission” for another to do something?
3. What is a Social Contract?
4. Which part of the Constitution serves as its introduction, setting up the goals in it?
5. Which Goal deals with giving all people freedom and liberty?
6. Our military executing an attack against a group which has hurt us is called (which Preamble goal):
7. The preparation a vaccine to prevent an epidemic in America is an example of:
8. Which Goal of the Preamble would police officers arresting a suspect be called?
9. Which Goal is represented when states give up their different currencies for one American dollar system (like we have today)?
10. Which Article gives Powers to the Legislative Branch?