Notes from Class, April 28

These notes will cover Article 3 of the Constitution.

And this image will review the checks and balances in place in our government.


Wow. Thought provoking video here. I suggest watching it with a few questions in mind:

1. What does an American “look like?”
2. Who is America currently at war with?
3. Who do you agree with, the store clerk, or the verbal majority of customers?
4. Can you name other terrorists who are not “Muslim” or “Arabic.”
5. What would you have done if you were a customer in the store?
6. What is a jihad?

We are going to discuss this in our last class session of he Constitution Unit, discussing citizenship and your responsibilities in government. If you type a 500 word paper exploring these questions that I’ve listed above, as well as your opinions and experiences related to the matter (war, terrorism, race, speaking up, helping strangers, etc.), you will be rewarded with (up to) 20 extra credit points (depending on the quality of the work).