For some reason, notecards have been puzzling today. We do these so that students have a simple, clear way to review. Parents or friends or family can help a student review through being “quizzed,” or a student can study alone. I expect students to do 50 of these, with 1 point of extra credit given for every one after 50 (max of 20 points). Students should use these to review for 20 minutes or so every night leading up to the Constitution Test.

The front should contain a vocab word, subject, or question. For example (just a bit more colorful, maybe):

The back should look like this (again, feel free to add a picture, symbol, ryhme or something else to make it “stick”):

Students should use the following items to make the notecards:
*Any notesheet or worksheet from class.
*Chapter 7, Secs 2 and 3.
*Chapter 8, Secs 1,2, and 3.
*Study Guide Vocab
*Study Guide Goals
*ESPECIALLY old quizzes!!

50 notecards are due Monday.