Constitution Unit – Week One

As we’ve begun the Constitution Unit, we also start weekly Quizzes to serve as checkpoints. If students are having problems with the amount of new (and sometimes “heavy”) material, these quizzes will supplement the Study Guide and methods of teaching to hopefully make the Constitution easier to understand.

This week, we’ve discussed the first 4 goals on the Study Guide, and we’ll have a quiz Monday (April 7th) covering those goals. Be sure to understand:

1. What influenced the Constitution (Romans, Brits, Early Americans, Enlightenment)
2. Why we need government (state of nature, consent, social contract)
3. Goals of the Preamble
4. Articles of the Constitution
5. Principles of the Constitution

This quiz is light… it’s only 10 questions or so. Review your notes and ask me if you have questions.


Boys Soccer Team

As is always the case, making cuts is one of the toughest parts of coaching/teaching. With 34 boys trying out, we have to cut kids who have played quite a bit of soccer – competition is tough, and these boys deserve congrats for their skill, work ethic, and attitude.

The 2008 Boys Soccer Team is:

Ryan Morrissey (7th grade)
Scott Holakovsky (6)
Andy Kryk (8)
Ryan Koniecko (7)
Ryan Bovard (6)
Marty Lyman (7)
Jack Malooly (8)
Mark Picel (8)
Ben Stearns (7)
Nick Rossi (7)
Zach Froats (8)
Justin Marquez (8)
Shawn Kurian (7)
Alejandro Canales (8)
Finnian Burke (7)
Christian Torrijos (7)
Kishore Palla (7)
Justin McDonald (7)
Matt Dismang (8)
Tim Chow (8)
Adam Azriel (6)

Managers: Karolina Kijowski, Tara Marcoski, Kelsey Miller

Our season begins Thursday vs. Gower… be sure to wish the boys luck!