"John Adams" on HBO

Wow… what a great series so far. I’m only an hour into it, but so far so goo. Few videos are both interesting and informative, as this seems to be. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s rated PG for mild language and mild violence, but I do highly suggest that parents watch it FIRST, as there are some “questionable” scenes that you might want to reconsider before letting your child watch (the ratings people seem to have missed a few things :(. They’re relevant to the story, but I still suggest it. This is a 7-week mini series, ending in late April. Seeing that it’s an HBO “film,” I’m sure it will be available On Demand and re-broadcast repeatedly on their 12 channels.

John Adams is often referred to as the “forgotten” founding father, when compared to his fiery cousin Samuel, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, not to mention others who have a stake in history (George Mason, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock) and are more well known. By most accounts this is a very accurate representation of the Revolutionary era. It’s based on the book of the same name, by David McCullough.

Also recommended: the website that I linked above, and also here. It’s interactive with a timeline, episode synopsis, interviews, and primary source information related to the Revolution.

This video will revolutionize the way this unit is taught (pun intended, sorry!), as we can use it to walk-through the events so much more clearly. I’m very happy with how the pieces of this unit are falling into place, not just now, but for the future. I’ve already begun drawing up next years plans to use this video, as well as a far more comprehensive and lengthy unit using primary sources. I’ve got great stuff on the Boston Massacre, Continental Congresses, etc., and we’ll use them along with this video. It will be a nice addition, though I’m sorry it didn’t make it to this year, current students!