American Revolution Test – Monday, 3/17

Our test covering the American Revolution will be on Monday. Students were given study guides nearly 2 weeks ago, have made notecards to review vocab, and have been coming to me to ask questions. This is a 50-60 question test, so it’s important that students prepare for it seriously. They should study nightly beginning tonight, so they can resolve any problems that arise. The Test is simple in format – Multiple Choice, Matching, Map Recognition, and Chronological Order. In reference to the textbook, this test covers Chapters 5 and 6.

We’ve done a great deal of discussion and activity on this topic. It’s hard to “cram” or just look at stuff to “study.” Instead, this test is designed to measure a student’s work over an entire unit of work. You can’t cram for this test as many traditional tests are. I encourage students to review their notes, their goals, and class activities to be sure they’re knowledgeable of everything they should.

I’ll be checking my e-mail intermittently this weekend for any questions.