An Impressive Perspective on Life – EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY

A Professor at Carnegie Mellon University,Dr. Randy Pausch knows he is dying. This video will leave you thinking when it’s over. Take 10 minutes of your time to watch it. It would do us all some good.

For up to 15 points extra credit, write a 250 word response to this video. How did it make you feel? What should life be about – work or enjoyment (or both)? What mark do you leave on others? Are you proud of how you have lived your life so far? What about your dreams? What are your dreams? How will you pursue those dreams in life? 20 years from now – what will you be most proud of? This is due in person by Friday morning, 2/28, or via e-mail by 5:00 pm on Monday evening, 3/3.


One thought on “An Impressive Perspective on Life – EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY

  1. Kecy

    That video made me feel that you should cherish your life everyday. Life should be about both work and enjoyment because you should love your job you work at and enjoy everything around you because if you just work you’ll be glum all day and everyday. But, if it’s just about enjoyment you won’t get a lot done. I leave an enjoyment mark on others because I’m a joyful person. I am proud of how I’ve lived so far because my first year of wrestling I made it to state. Also, I made it to state this year and we went undefeated in baseball last year. This is why I am such a cheerful person. My dreams are to win my first match on Friday at state, get a scholarship for wrestling, and get 1st through 3rd at state. I’ll pursue those dreams by trying my hardest and conditioning. 20 years from now I’ll be proud of everything I’ve done like making it this far in wrestling and the things I’ve done in school like the alphabet thing in your class.

    Marquez Williams

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