Little Little is Here!!

Hi everyone… our “little” family has officially become the Little Family. Mrs. Little gave birth to Mason Edward Little (8 lbs., 11 ounces; 20 inches) this afternoon at 4:03, and I’m the happiest man alive… becoming a father is a feeling that’s impossible to describe. He’s not really that big, but he’s got HUGE hands and feet, just like his daddy. And already lots more hair :(

Here’s a few pictures, but don’t be surprised if a camera happy new dad goes nuts with a few more in the coming days.

Update: Mrs. Little is feeling very well tonight, though tired. Mason’s slept almost all day, except for his routine feeding. You need to watch everything around him, because the little dude might eat it. He might catch up to his daddy by the time he’s 13. Think Mr. Dvorak or Mr. Dodd would mind a 6’10” kid on their teams in a few years? :) We’re headed home tomorrow, and I’ll be a very happy man to have our family at home. Here’s a slideshow of a few more pictures… I’ll add to it when we get a chance to catch our breath!


2 thoughts on “Little Little is Here!!

  1. Rico

    Congrats on M.E. Little!!!! He is a very handsome guy. Hope your wife recuperates soon. Let us know if we should bring over a dinner for your new family; and some baby food = )


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