Snow + Good Citizenship = SS Extra Credit

As much of our time in Social Studies this half of the year will be spent discussing true citizenship, why not start now? I want you all to go help your neighbors tonight and tomorrow, no matter who they are. If you can do 5 homes (that includes driveways, sidewalks, and walkways to the front door), and get the signatures of those living there, I’ll reward your good citizenship with 20 points extra credit. Want to team up and do it with a friend? Good teamwork and friendship can be rewarded as well: I’ll give you 20 points when the 2 of you get 8 driveways done together. Simply print this post and have them sign it.

When you do things for other people, you do far more than just relieve them of a task on their to-do list. The feeling of gratefulness that a neighbor (like you!) went out of their way to help them out is something special. Especially for your generation, when you have far more tempting, preventing, and distracting you from helping others. So log off AIM, MySpace, turn off the TV, put aside the Wii, and just unplug yourself in general… and go help a neighbor. Be a good citizen, and make your community a better place. You’ll never know when they’ll return the favor!

Just imagine… 150 7th graders X 5 driveways each… every home in our district can be shoveled because of your good citizenship!

Parents – if students can’t get someone’s signature, your signature and note will be a suitable replacement.

In case you need a reminder that the excuse you’re currently thinking up to avoid shoveling is lame:


Upcoming Quiz

We’re having a quiz very soon… students should start preparing now. This quiz will be approximately 40 questions, and will cover the Map, Timeline, and Vocab of the “Before the Revolution” Unit. I recommend making notecards with photos, pictures, and definitions to help students best learn what’s coming up. We’ve reviewed almost all of the vocab, so students should have correct answers.

Study Guides should be coming out Friday or Monday.

Elections are in 7 Days

This may be a post more for parents, but with elections coming up it’s important to know WHAT you are voting for, as well as WHO is campaigning for those vaccancies. The Dupage Board of Elections has published a preview of the choices (please allow time for the pdf to load). You’ll have to do a little more homework to decide which candidate you like the best, but at least you know what to expect now. Unless, of course, you’ve already voted :( Oops!

Projects, Quizzes, and Grades

Projects are nearly done being graded. They should be in the gradebook by Thursday. States and Capitals Quizzes will be graded after that, so expect them back by Monday of next week. With a backlog of 200 points in some cases, grades will make a major shift this week. Parents and students should pay attention to the online gradebook to monitor this progress. Mid-Terms come out Tuesday, but those grades may change dependant upon student work through our project and quiz.

Homework for the Week of 1/14

We’re getting back into a routine, here, so homework will pick up this week. Expect to see cleaned-out binders and fresh “Daily Goals” sheets as well. We’re beginning a new unit – the American Revolution.

Monday: Please complete your reading of 140 – 145, and answer questions 2-7 in complete sentences.

Tuesday: Please do your “Key Places of the American Revolution” Map WS…. in full color!

Wednesday: Please complete your Vocab Chart, #’s 1-20. #1 may be hard to find, so don’t worry if you don’t find it.