District Resources

Our district – though the work of Kathy Kucera – has added 2 great resources available to our students. One, World Book Online, may be the best place for students to research. It is full of facts, of course, but is well organized, making it very easy for students to find information, much like Wikipedia, but almost guaranteed to be correct.

The second, Brain Pop, is a very cool site full of 3-5 minute cartoons for students to watch. In fact, there is one for Halloween right now! This site is a fantastic because it explains a few topics that are sometimes very heavy (terrorism), full of lies or stereotypes (pirates), and very cool, but something that we don’t cover in class (chocolate!).

Both sites are wonderful, yes, but require login though a password. I cannot post them here, for legal reasons, so please ask your student to write it down off my board. I’ll ask students to do so tomorrow, so look for it Tuesday night!