Map and Capital Quizzes (#2)

Long story short – early scores show great Quiz results; they’ll be in SDS as soon as possible.
First, students are doing very well this time. The bar was raised, and I’m impressed with how well the students have done. This represents not just my high standard and expectation for success, but an even more impressive work ethic and desire to succeed by the students. We haven’t reviewed since our initial week of Geography, and the high scores indicate some sincere efforts by both parents and students. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for helping quiz the students as you clearly have… despite it being repetitive!

Second, I’m working as hard as possible to get them graded. As any teacher can tell you, when students don’t leave you alone about the scores, that usually means they’ve put in the needed work to get a good grade. They don’t ask when they’ve bombed! I’ve got 3 periods done, and I’m quitting at 10:00. I’ll get back to work tomorrow morning and afternoon, so check the computers by 8 or 9 tomorrow evening for the grades. Unfortunately, the wake of a former student’s father takes precedent tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be in as soon as physically possible!