American Geography Games

These are the games we’re playing today:

Name all 50 states as fast as you can.

Accurately place the state capitals in their correct locations.

This is another version of Game #2, dragging states into their correct places. A very tough one, but gets easier when you’ve placed 10 states or so. My first score was 90.19. First one to beat it gets 5 points EC. Thanks to Alyssa McLean for the find!

Game Number Three.

This is a much, much better version of Game #3. It’s by National Georgraphic, and you can test your knowledge of all countries, continents and states/provinces throughout the world. Might be tougher on slooooow computers. Thanks to Mrs. Hagensee and Macy Murray for finding this one.

Finally, a completely new game that not only requires identification of a state, but also asks you to type in the capital name, too. Thanks again, Macy!

Another great game – you need to draw each state, identify it, and name its capital. Lots of different learners should like it – and learn from it! Jordan Krawczyk – you the girl!