Online Access to Texbook

Hello Parents and Students!

Our textbook will be available online this year. You’ll get your real textbook, too, but this should help when you forget yours at school or whenever you’re away and need it. Visit this site, which you should bookmark. Its also listed in my “Links” to the right.

You’ll have to register, so use these codes once you get your schedules and find out what classes of mine you are in. Copy and past them into the boxes once they ask you.

2nd Period – 3D033F51D8930620C3DE
4th Period – 9C16DB5EBDF21765C36B
5th Period – BE54AA23579C15EE80CA
6th Period – 63DC39C0843595DD2C7F
7th Period – 595229B826488A92D30F
8th Period – B3861547408C0238D655

This site allows you to search by page, print pages, or to just read off the computer screen. They have other “things” on the site, which I won’t use, but feel free to use yourselves. Most information is found on THIS blog, the homework hotline, or in my classroom. They do have a useful encyclopedia, thesaurus, dictionary, and almanac you may use for any school work, not just mine.

We will, however, use this site for some components of the Constitution Unit, which includes online Quizzes.