Constitution Test Part 2 – Study This Stuff!!!

For tomorrow’s Part 2 of the Constitution Test:

Amending and Electing (10 quetions)
Line of Succession (5)
Judicial Branch (5)
Citizenship (5)
Checks and Balances (15)
How a Bill Becomes a Law (5)
Wild Card (5)


Constitution Test Questions Part 2

Here’s another sample of questions. Expect answers Tuesday, about 7-ish!

55. Which state has the most Electors? California

54. What is the “formula” for determining the number of Electoral votes each state has? Representatives + Sentators = Electoral Votes (Il has 2 Sen, 19 Reps, so 21 Electoral Votes)

59. In a Presidential Election, who breaks a tie? House of Reps

60. In 2000, how did President Bush win the election? Losing the Popular Vote, but Winning the Electoral College

70. Which President most recently appointed 2 Justices between 2005 and 2006? Bush

78. Punish Pirates – Legislative Branch

80. Raise, Lower and Collect Taxes– Legislative Branch

85. Make any “necessary laws” – Legislative Branch

86. Filibuster – Legislative Branch

87. Approving/Rejecting Appropriations (Budget, $$$) – Legislative Branch

96. Who is the famous presidential-election-bound, “rockstar” Senator from Illinois? Barack Obama

97. Who is the “other,” older, more experienced Senator from IL? Dick Durbin

98. Who is our Representative? Judy Biggert

99. Which of the following is not one of the original 4 Cabinet Positions? Anything not named Jutice, State, Treasury or Defense.

100. Who is the guy who holds the record for longest filibuster, famously trying to stop the Civil Rights Act during the 1950’s (he had to wear a diaper and have a bucket nearby just to do it, remember?!)? Strom Thurmond from South Carolina